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Web Development,


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Long form discourse on subjects of interest.

In which I apologize for causing concern about the place of community talks in PyCon

In which I talk about the process of a talk getting into PyCon

In which I talk about how to get your talk into PyCon

In which I muse on how being good at something can be a detriment

In which I simulate throughput optimizations on the Walt Disney World Monorail



Interesting technology noodling.

In which I give links to stuff to control a helicopter from Python.

In which I point out an easy way to do JavaScript templates.

In which I unleash a library to scrape Hacker News' front page.

In which I show a small jQuery plugin that adds Perlin noise to an elements background.

In which I make Postfix stick all the mail to all addresses in one handy place.



Talks I have given.

In which I wax on about my favorite obscure-ish Python library.

In which I tell a Django meetup about the joys of Flask

In which I tell you all about Maps, Sets, and Graphs

In which I tell you how Cheap Helicopters + Arduino = Awesome.

In which I tell you how to sort Hacker News articles.



If you want to get in touch with me, you're probably best off calling or texting my cell at +1.617.302.6334, or sending me an email at njl@njl.us. I'm not a heavy Skype user, but my username is ned.jackson.lovely.

I'm nedjl@Twitter, njlovely@Facebook, nedjl@LinkedIn, njl@Hacker News, n@Bitbucket, njl@Github, nedjl@Instagram, and nedjl@Spotify.


About Me

I'm a technologist.

If you need development help, I'm probably your guy. I'm happiest in Python, JavaScript, Go, and C but I do believe in the right tools for the job.

If you have wireframes for your web idea, I'm available to build out a demo version that you can show investors quickly, for a flat fee. If you don't know what I just said, I'm available to help you figure out what you need to do to get a website off the ground, also for a flat fee.