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Advent of Code 2017 Solutions

My solutions for Advent of Code 2017!

The PyCon Talk Process

In which I talk about the process of a talk getting into PyCon

How to Get Your Talk Into PyCon

In which I talk about how to get your talk into PyCon

It's Dangerous Introduction

In which I wax on about my favorite obscure-ish Python library.

Introduction to Flask

In which I tell a Django meetup about the joys of Flask

Natural Talent

In which I muse on how being good at something can be a detriment

Simulating Disney Monorail Throughput

In which I simulate throughput optimizations on the Walt Disney World Monorail

Technical Debt

In which I talk about what technical debt is, and how it has a real impact on business results.

Services Implications

In which I lay out a few feelings about the implications of a service-oriented architecture.

Maps, Sets, and Graphs

In which I tell you all about Maps, Sets, and Graphs

Controlling A Helicopter of Your Very Own

In which I give links to stuff to control a helicopter from Python.

Cheap Helicopters In My Living Room

In which I tell you how Cheap Helicopters + Arduino = Awesome.

Enough Machine Learning to Make Hacker News Readable Again

In which I tell you how to sort Hacker News articles.

Easy JavaScript Templates

In which I point out an easy way to do JavaScript templates.

Orangutans and Koalas

In which I talk about Koalas and Orangutans and Coders.

Choosing a Domain Name

In which I make suggestions on how to choose a domain name for your business.

Social Networking, But The Other Way Around

In which I yearn for the death of Facebook.


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